April 4, 2017

April 2017

Happy Birthday to Us!

Seven years ago this month we quietly opened our doors and hoped for the best. After several years of carting around a tent, folding tables and all the baked goods we could stuff into our mini van to the Green City Market, we were thrilled to have walls and a roof over our heads. Our opening crew was comprised of less than 8 and today there are close to 35 Floriole team members! I don’t have many clear memories of that first day, sadly it’s a bit of a fog. I know that it was so exciting and exhilarating; a dream come true.

Thank you to all the people who have supported Floriole from our days at the farmers’ markets and at the shop. Through the years, your kind words of encouragement and constructive criticism has kept us going and shaped what we have become. We are forever grateful to the hardworking and talented individuals who bake, clean, manage and provide great customer service. It takes a team to keep this place running and we couldn’t ask for a better group to get the job done.


On Friday April 21st, please join us as we celebrate our seventh year at 1220 W Webster Avenue. There will be cake!

Easter and Passover

We are here to help with your celebration needs. Pickup April 10th and 11th for Passover and April 15th and 16th for Easter. Orders require 48 hours notice and will be taken online and in the cafe.

Easter 2017


Art by Cynthia Winter

Cynthia Winter is a Chicago architect. She is inspired by the vast urban landscape yet delights in capturing the color and detail of interior still life. The magic brew of pigment and water allows her to create abstractions of the world she sees. She travels with a pocket size watercolor color kit instead of a camera. In Chicago, she cruises the lakefront via bicycle, capturing water and waves, the autumn symphony of color, the emerging green in the spring and the winter icescape from her skyscraper studio. In the west, she grabs the sun sky mountain desert and sketches from the passenger seat of her convertible as the landscape slowly passes.

Stop in and check out her work displayed at the bakery. All pieces are available for purchase.


2016-12-8 Pear3 6x4

 Behind the scenes at Floriole

Floriole from Floriole Chicago on Vimeo.