February 5, 2015

February 2015 Newsletter

That’s it, we made it through January! Never-mind the 19 inches of snow, it is indeed February, the month of love, expensive flowers and chocolate. The dark days are getting lighter, love is in the air and Floriole has news and new menu items to share with you.

National Chocolate Souffle Day is February 28th!


Learn something new.

Our next Macaron Class will be Wednesday, February 11th from 6PM-8PM.  This will be a special class featuring heart-shaped macarons to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

This is a beginner level class and will feature a hands-on demo, macaron tasting, beverages and light appetizers.

The class takes place in our kitchen, so space is limited.  Price is $80 per person.

To sign up, please call the cafe at 773.883.1313 or email us at cafe@floriole.com.

heart shaped macaron


Sunday Supper at Floriole

We are back on track with our monthly dinner series, Sunday Supper at Floriole. In January we worked with Mark Beier (director of training at Shred 415, chef and creator of Mark Bar) to develop a light and flavorful dinner for anyone trying to stick to their New Year’s resolution. This month we have enlisted Betsy – Floriole baker extraordinaire and real live Italian/Polish pasta maker, to craft a dinner around some of her favorite Italian indulgences.

Sunday February 22nd 6pm-8pm $30

First Course

burrata, fig conserve, arugula, beets

Second Course

lasagne- house made pasta, pork & beef ragu, spinach, bechamel


grapefruit & prosecco granita, pistachio biscotti

Reservations are not required but highly recommended. Call the cafe to reserve 773-883-1313

Please alert staff to any dietary restrictions, intolerance or allergies when reserving so we can make arrangements accommodate the guest.

In March we are working on two Sunday Suppers!

Here is a little sneak peak at what we are planning. Check the website for the finalized menus.

March 8th with Emily Fiffer and Heather Sperling

mezze platter, braised broad beans, milk pudding

March 22nd with Jonathan Zaragoza

4 course Mexican inspired feast

We love collaborating with other people and chefs in the the food industry. If you are interested or would like to suggest a collaboration, please send us an email: cafe@floriole.com


What’s new in bread and pastry?

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

The pastry team is focusing on all things chocolate this month. You may remember that for Valentine’s Day in the past, we turned our canele de Bordeaux into a CHOCOLATE canele. . .we decided to do it again for the entire month of February. Chocolate ganache cakes are back to satisfy the true chocolate lovers out there and for Valentine’s day we are combining passion fruit and milk chocolate into a decadent mousse.

For those of you who are not chocolate lovers, Danielle has developed the Floriole version of the religieuse -pate a choux puffs filled with coffee pastry cream and glazed with coffee fondant. And Alexander has made the most delicious concha, a traditional Mexican sweet bread lightly flavored with cinnamon. The concha will be available on the weekends.

We cook savory food too!

What a month it has been on the savory station! We had a major staff turn over but we are starting the month off with a very strong team.  If you see a new face delivering your sandwich be sure to say hello!

Soups on rotation this month are:

  • Moroccan spiced red lentil
  • carrot coconut curry
  • spicy tomato
  • sweet potato ancho

Check the website to find out what is currently on the menu.

Salads this month:

  • rye berry, balsamic marinated figs, toasted walnut, kale
  • celery, parmesan, date, radish, radicchio
  • potato salad, bacon, chives, mustard, cider vinaigrette
  • pimento cheese spread and Floriole house bread

We have a new Winter Salad that is healthy and satisfying with chopped kale in citrus vinaigrette, marinated beets, avocado and sweet and spicy pecans.

The baked egg is now in a nest of creamed spinach topped with crispy bacon and a drizzle of yogurt.


Mathieu’s Coin

Hey all. This is Sandra and I am taking over Mathieu’s coin for the month. He has a mean case of writer’s block and could only come up with an incoherent article about the Interview that was summarily rejected by a number of Floriole employees. So here I am, the more serious and less funny half, trying to think of something clever to share with our readers. As it turns out, I am just going to share a collection of Mathieu quotations as documented by Lisa, Floriole Assistant General Manager. She tags the quotes on her Facebook page with #Mathieusays and I think she could have the beginnings of a funny twitter feed! Here are some outtakes:

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, just say something mean.”

“You know. You could be someone.”

“That’s why I am who am I. No, who I am.”

Lisa: “He’s happy! People get fat when they’re happy.”
Mathieu: “Yeah, and then they get sad because they are fat.”

“Keep your wits to yourself.”

“See? You impatient little beetle?”

Have you overheard a funny #Mathieusays? The first reader to respond with one of his infamous quotes will get breakfast on him. Fire away to cafe@floriole.com