February 1, 2016

February 2016

An exciting start to the year and a leap towards spring.


What an exciting start to the year! In late January, Sandra received the Jean Banchet Pastry Chef of the Year award. The Banchet awards are often referred to as “Chicago’s food Oscars” and Sandra and the Floriole team are thrilled to be honored with an award.

February may be the shortest month of the year but it is jam packed with special days. We have Groundhog Day on the 2nd when the arrival of spring will be forecast based on a rodent seeing his shadow or not.  Then on February 8th we ring in the Chinese New Year, the year of the monkey. The next day is Mardi Gras followed by Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lenten season.  Please don’t give up pastries for 40 days! Valentine’s Day is the 14th and then we have Lincoln and Washington’s birthdays and President’s Day. The very last day of the month is Leap Day.

With all of these holidays, we are busy planning special pastries and lunch specials. The year of the monkey makes us want to make banana cream pie, Ash Wednesday and the following Fridays will feature a smoked trout tartine, and expect to see tart cherry galettes in honor of Lincoln.

Love Struck

Valentine’s Day is a great day to be a baker because everyone wants a little something sweet. For the occasion, and all through February, we have crafted an extra special dessert made of milk chocolate mousse filled with passion fruit caramel and beautifully decorated with passion cream.



Need flowers for your sweetheart? Don’t fret because we will have beautiful bouquets crafted by the flower geniuses at Fox Glove Studio. They will be $35 each



Salty Side

This month we have the following daily salads:

  • white bean hummus garnished with dukkah, served with crudite and bread
  • shaved celery, radish and date
  • wheat berry, balsamic figs, kale and walnuts
  • winter greens, citrus an chickpeas

The savory team is working on a series of special hot sandwiches. Expect to see a meatball sandwich, braised beef and more on rotation throughout the month. On Ash Wednesday and all Fridays until Easter, we will feature a smoked trout tartine (pictured below).


Crust and Crumb

We will now be offering semolina and seeded sourdough on a daily basis. These breads have become so popular that we need to make them everyday. And starting this month, you can order a breadbasket that will feature a variety of our breads with butter and jam. It’s great for sharing and a perfect way to taste all the breads we have to offer.


thanksgiving bread


Now Brewing

Did you know that coffee is seasonal? If you think about it it makes a lot of sense. Like any other produce, coffee is ready to be harvested at the end of the season and best consumed shortly there after. The season differs depending on where in the world the coffee is grown. Right now we are featuring Intelligentsia Ruvumbu which tastes like apricot jam and butterscotch with the bright acidity of cranberries (to pair, we recommend our seasonal fruit scone) and Ljulu Lipati which has a unique flavor profile of lemongrass and persimmon with turbinado sugar sweetness which pairs wonderfully with our passionfruit tart.



Le Coin de Mathieu

Dear Readers!

I’m freaking out! I’m going to turn 40 this year! (please send presents to Mathieu Holl c/o Floriole on or even before July 11th).
Where’s my Jaguar? my rolex? my boat?? I told Sandra I needed a younger wife, she replied very matter of fact:  “Why? You can’t even keep up with me. If anything, I need a younger husband”… Touché!
Geez, I don’t even have a bucket list!!!
I drive an old prius and Sandra drives a red car (albeit a small suv but still!).
When we started the bakery, people would think I was the baker (have you heard my thick accent ?)… not anymore, especially when Sandra keeps on winning awards:http://grandchefsgala.com/chicago – don’t bother! I’m not in the picture, I’m behind the curtain on the left…
What?? Jealous? Me? Pleeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssseeeee! I taught her everything she knows!
Oh well… Like they say: “Behind every successful woman is a man who says, “I knew she could do it!”