January 6, 2016

Happy New Year!

avocado toast on seeded sourdough

Bring on 2016!

We made it through another holiday season and are looking forward to the less hectic month of January. This is our time to make repairs, plan for the year, and test new recipes and ideas. Speaking of repairs . . . we will be closing the cafe at 3pm on Sunday, January 10th and will remain closed until Saturday, January 16th. Our kitchen flooring is in dire need of repair and the dining area will be getting a fresh coat of paint. We are truly sorry for any inconvenience this will cause.

During the closure we will be returning to our old stomping grounds, Kitchen Chicago, where we will continue to bake for all of our wholesale partners.  If you have a hankering for a ham & cheese croissant or scone, there are coffee shops and cafes throughout the city that will have Floriole pastries.

Galette Des Rois


Traditional galette des rois. Photo credit: Rachel Brown

I first tried a galette des rois when I was living in Paris. As soon as the holidays ended I spotted a new, and rather plain looking pastry that was displayed in every patisserie. Not one to be left out, I marched into my corner patisserie to sample a round golden brown galette des rois. The cashier was kind enough to explain that galettes are to be cut and shared in celebration of Epiphany. As she slid the galette into a bag she handed me a paper crown and advised that baked into each galette is a feve or trinket and the lucky recipient of the slice containing it, is crowned the king or queen. I was smitten with the simplicity of flakey buttery puff pastry and rich almond cream and was happy to find out that most bakeries continued to make galettes throughout the month of January.

At Floriole we will have galette des rois throughout January. There are two versions: Traditional with almond cream and non-traditional with pistachio cream and lemon. The “feves” are super cute and come from France. You will have to get a galette to see what they are.

-Sandra Holl

Eat more veggies and other resolutions . . .

Something I always hear around this time of year is, “I can’t go to Floriole! I’m on a diet.”. Sure we make butter laden decadent pastries BUT we also have plenty of options that are super healthy.

Carrot Pepita Salad photo credit: Rachel Brown

Carrot Pepita Salad Photo credit: Rachel Brown

The composed salads are always a great option and this month we have some great options:

  • carrot pepita salad
  • shaved celery, radish & date
  • chickpea kale & citrus

Eating more whole grains or avoiding gluten? Here are some options:

  • steel cut oatmeal topped with sliced apples and toasted almonds
  • buckwheat scones (not made with wheat flour)
  • cracked rye or seeded sourdough
  • chocolate hazelnut cookie (not made with wheat flour, no refined sugar, vegan)
  • peanut butter and jelly cookies (not made with wheat flour)
  • flourless chocolate cake

On the coffee bar, you can substitute soy milk or our house made almond milk in any drink.

New Year’s resolutions for healthy eating are great but we like to think that even the pastries we make are not so bad for you. There are no preservatives, dough conditioners or ground up yoga mats in our food. We choose the ingredients we use carefully from organic sugar and flour to locally grown apples and cranberries. We hope our food is satisfying and think a little goes a long way.

Jean Banchet Awards & Gala

Floriole is proud that Sandra was nominated for the Jean Banchet Pastry Chef of the Year award! The awards ceremony will take place on January 17th and the annual Grand Chefs Gala is January 29th at Navy Pier. Over 50 of Chicago’s finest chefs and mixologists will gather to personally prepare signature dishes, desserts and cocktails that are as innovative, artistic and meticulously created as this great city. The event will also feature dinner, live music, dancing, and premium auctions that include once-in-a-lifetime culinary experiences. Save the Date because it will truly be an exciting evening at Chicago’s legendary Navy Pier to help support CFF’s search for a cure! Ticket information here.

Le Coin de Mathieu


Mona Lisa by Brett Friel

Dear Readers,

Imagine a painting. A Leonardo Da Vinci painting. He likely painted a face on it. Was not happy with it. Painted another one on top. … Until he created a master piece.
Well this newsletter has some resemblance: not to the Da Vinci, nor the master piece parts, but it’s the 4th time I have written those first few lines. As I’m writing them, my mind is vacillating between erasing and restarting or continuing. Each word is a battle won, but the war only ends with the final punctuation.
Geez, I just started a new paragraph and this might be a bridge too far. The supreme being of the newsletter (Sandra) has not blessed this yet. Will she drop an emphatic No / Axe on those few lines or let them live. I do not know.
Ok, time for a croissant.
Bonne Annee et Bonne Sante!