June 8, 2016

June Newsletter 2016

June is busting out all over


Strawberries have arrived and we are celebrating the only way we know how – by putting strawberries in as many pastries as possible. Come by the store and you will find: strawberry matcha tarts, strawberry rhubarb danish, fraisier, strawberry shortcake, strawberry cheesecake mousse, strawberry panna cotta . . . . I’ll stop before it sounds like Forrest Gump. You get the idea. If you like strawberries, and who doesn’t, we’ve got you covered.

June Collaboration

This month we are collaborating with Chicago’s renowned pastry chef, Mindy Segal. Her restaurant, Mindy’s Hot Chocolate, is a Chicago staple for great food and sweets. Cookie Love, Mindy’s first cookbook, is a gem packed with tips and interesting delicious recipes.

For the collaboration, we are making her strawberry rhubarb rugelach with oatmeal streusel. Mindy describes the cookie as “a fruit crisp disguised as rugelach.”  Cream cheese dough is slathered with house made strawberry rhubarb preserve, rolled up and then dusted with streusel for a nice crunch.

We will have the rugelach at the bakery all month and hope you will come by to give them a try. If you can’t make it to Floriole, here is a link to the recipe or pick up a copy of Mind’s book.





I recently returned from an unforgettable whirlwind adventure in Peru with eleven other pastry chefs, bakers and chocolatiers. Valrhona invited all of us to go to the source of the cocoa beans growing in northern Peru. We had the opportunity to learn about the life of a cocoa bean from farming through processing before being shipped to the Valrhona factory in France.

Since Floriole began at the farmers’ market, we have always taken pride in the fact that we know our farmers. We see them at the market on a weekly basis, have asked questions about the farming practices they use and feel confident that they are farming in a sustainable way. The fact is, that we never thought we would have the chance to meet the farmers who grow the cacao beans used to make the chocolate we use: we had to trust the company sourcing the beans. I am so thankful for the opportunity Valrhona gave me to meet those farmers. Somehow their chocolate tastes even better after this trip!

I will post more pictures of the trip on our facebook page.