March 9, 2017

March 2017

Just keep marching on . . .

As we get closer to spring, the menus are lightening up, new items are arriving and our kitchen is once again open until 5:30pm.  On the savory side, we have a new turkey club, a hot dish of duck confit and sweet potatoes that we call the Duck HP, and new seasonal salads. The bread team has resurrected Boston brown bread and hot cross buns will appear later in the month. Pastry is turning out cream cheese danishes, goat cheese and cherry galettes and working on a new cookie. Stay tuned for special items for Passover and Easter.

Crêpe Dinner March 19th

Crêpe Dinner

The first crepe dinner was a success and we are looking forward to another this month.

The March crêpes dinner menu will feature:

buckwheat galette with crab and shallots in mornay sauce, mixed greens with meyer lemon vinaigrette

“suzette” rolled sweet crepe filled with yuzu and tangerine butter, citrus salad and burnt orange caramel

a selection of French cidre brut from Normandie and locally produced ciders

Tickets for the dinner on March 19, 2017 are available for $30 per guest. Reserve seating by calling Floriole at (773) 883-1313 or here.

Pi Day


We are looking forward to celebrating 3.14159265359 – every baker’s favorite number. To mark the day we will have individual “Pi”neapple upside-down cake for $3.14. You don’t need an excuse to enjoy this cake but this sure is a good one.


New Art Installation

2016-9-1 Cake Ragdale 5x5 50

Cynthia Winter is a Chicago architect. She is inspired by the vast urban landscape yet delights in capturing the color and detail of interior still life. The magic brew of pigment and water allows her to create abstractions of the world she sees. She travels with a pocket size watercolor color kit instead of a camera. In Chicago, she cruises the lakefront via bicycle, capturing water and waves, the autumn symphony of color, the emerging green in the spring and the winter icescape from her skyscraper studio. In the west, she grabs the sun sky mountain desert and sketches from the passenger seat of her convertible as the landscape slowly passes.

Le Coin de Mathieu

Crêpe, Simple and Elegant
You bring beauty to the Ingredient
Egg, Cheese, Ham
Sugar, Butter, Jam
Round and Flat like the Earth
You always show your Worth
You will never disappoint
Up to your breaking point
In the air, you flip
On the plate you skip
Your destiny is cruel,
You always lose the duel
Anonymous, Lincoln Park, 2017