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We strive to use the best organic ingredients from local farmers whenever possible. Our menu changes according to produce availability and the creativity of our bakers, so the items below may not be available every day.

Pastries & Breakfast Items
$3 – $9


Traditional buttery, flaky & light pastry

Pain au Chocolat

Our famous chocolate croissant, filled with two rows of melty dark chocolate

Almond Croissant

Twice-baked croissant soaked with rum syrup and filled with almond cream

Chocolate Almond Croissant

Twice-baked pain au chocolat soaked with rum syrup and filled with almond cream

Ham & Cheese Croissant

Buttery, flaky croissant rolled with ham, spring cheddar & mustard, topped with "everything" seasoning.

Kouign Amann

Flakey, layers of our croissant dough dusted with sugar and baked until crust caramelizes. Also available in chocolate.

Fruit Scone

Short buttery biscuit peppered with seasonal fruit

Savory Scone

Short buttery biscuit with herbs and cheddar cheese.

Buckwheat Scone

Flourless buckwheat and oat biscuit with house jam

Gateau Basque

Almond butter cake filled with pastry cream and seasonal fruit

Sticky Bun

Pinwheel croissant dough filled with cinnamon sugar and topped with pecans

Fruit Galette

Seasonal fruit baked in our flaky crust

Breakfast Sandwich

Baked egg on baguette with butterkase, pickled onions and bacon

Vegetarian Breakfast Sandwich

Baked egg, goat cheese, arugula, and melted leeks on baguette


Deep-dish custard baked in our flaky dough.

Ricotta Toast

Toasted sourdough with Bellwether Farm ricotta, almonds and honey

Avocado Toast

Toasted seeded sourdough topped with avocado and shaved radishes

Floriole Olive Oil Granola

Warm spices mixed with rolled oats, pepitas, flax seed, maple syrup, pecans, dried cherries, & dates. Try with our house-made yogurt!


We strive to use the best organic ingredients from local farmers whenever possible. Our breads are usually available by 1pm. Fresh samples throughout the day. Please see below for daily availability.


Crisp exterior, delicate open crumb. Made with a sourdough starter to add a balanced acidity. Baked daily.

House Sourdough

A French sourdough—not a sour flavor, sweet and nutty from wheat, white, and rye flour. It has a long shelf life and goes great with everything or on its own. Baked daily; large and small loaves available.

Seeded Sourdough

Our house sourdough with the addition of flax, sprouted ryeberries and pepitas. Baked Saturday and Tuesday.


A bright, lightly sweet enriched bread. Baked Saturday.

Yeasted Corn Bread

Our first bread. Light like a sandwich bread, instead of the traditional “Southern cornbread” we’re all accustomed to. The natural sweetness of the Three Sisters Garden cornmeal is brought out by honey from Ellis Farms.


A five-braided oval loaf, topped with sesame or poppy seeds. Challah is a gorgeous bread with a golden brown crust. It has a similar taste to brioche, but with no dairy products. Baked Friday.


Olive oil focaccia flavored according to the whims of the bakers. Baked daily.


A naturally leavened semolina bread, with a tender crumb, and distinct flavor. Slightly sour notes counter the rich nuttiness of the crust. A versatile bread that can stand alone, or eaten with everything.

Oat Walnut

We brought back the oat walnut bread, now that it is getting colder.
The high percentage of oats in the bread give it a wonderful unique texture. Honeyed walnuts give the bread a slight sweetness, that make it perfect as toast, or as an accompaniment to a cheese plate. Baked on Sunday and Monday.

Cookies & Sweets
$2.50 – $6.50


Fudgy, with Valrhona triple chocolate

Canelé de Bordeaux

Vanilla rum custard cake

Oatmeal Cherry Cookie

Crispy, chewy cookie with oats, pecans & cherries

Chocolate Hazelnut Cookie

Chewy chocolate cookie with lots of hazelnuts. Vegan & Flourless.

Chocolate Walnut Cookie

Chewy chocolate cookie with walnuts. Flourless.

Passion Fruit Tart

Tangy passion fruit cream topped with whipped cream

Peanut Butter & Jelly Cookies

Flourless peanut butter cookie filled with house-made jam

Pot de Creme

Caramel or Dark Chocolate, topped with whipped cream

Sea Salt Caramel

Dark, salty caramel

Maple Pecan Cookie

Buttery pecan cookie flavored with maple and orange


Refreshing fruit curd in crisp & chewy meringue shell

Sandwiches & Salads
$7 – $14

All sandwiches are served with a side of Werp Farm mixed greens.


Bacon, arugula, date-almond spread and goat cheese on yeasted corn bread

Grilled Cheese

Raw milk organic cheddar, butterkase and horseradish on brioche (add bacon, ham or arugula)


Smoking Goose ham, raw milk cheddar, butter and old-fashioned mustard on baguette

Smoked Turkey

Smoking Goose turkey, peperonata, goat cheese and arugula on focaccia

Tartine of the Day

Toasted sourdough topped with seasonal ingredients

Rotini & Cheese

Inspired by Lottie & Doof, a super cheesy mac & cheese

Spring Salad

Mixed greens, beet-cured smoke salmon, "everything bagel" chips, pickled carrot, ramp vinaigrette

Seasonal Vegetable & Grain Salads