January 28, 2015

February Macaron Class

Our next Macaron Class will be Wednesday, February 11th from 6PM-8PM.  This will be a special class featuring heart-shaped macarons to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

This is a beginner level class and will feature a hands-on demo, macaron tasting, beverages and light appetizers.

The class takes place in our kitchen, so space is limited.  Price is $80 per person.

To sign up, please call the cafe at 773.883.1313 or email us at cafe@floriole.com.

heart shaped macaron

January 26, 2015

Super Bowl Menu Available

Having people over for the super bowl? Impress your guests with our spin on the traditional Super Bowl fare. Spinach & Artichoke Danish, Blue Cheese & Sriracha cheese straws, the sous-marin- a full length baguette sandwich! We’ve even got pigs in a blanket and bacon wrapped dates! 

We will be taking orders up until Friday, January 31st at 5:30PM. You can call the cafe (773.883.1313) or send us an email with your order (cafe@floriole.com).

Each order placed will be entered into a drawing for a $50 Floriole gift card.

You can access the menu here: Super Bowl Menu
January 5, 2015

Happy New Year! We have a new look!

Happy 2015! We are excited to start off a new year with a new look. If you have been into the cafe, you may have noticed that we have been in the process of updating our branding with new stickers, business cards and signage. This is the final step – a new website, newsletter and online store! A big thank you to Also who gave us our new look and helped us through the process.

After the business of the holiday season, everyone has a chance to recharge in January. We know a lot of you may have made a New Year’s resolution to eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid processed foods or cut back on sugar. Don’t let that stop you from coming to the bakery! We always have a menu packed with whole grains, fruits and vegetables and we don’t use any high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, additives, etc. We make good, clean, honest food with local and organic ingredients.

Citrus Season is Here

For the next few months we will be celebrating the abundance of beautiful citrus. From meyer lemons and satsumas to grapefruits and blood oranges, you will find them in our savory and sweet offerings. We will be filling the shelves with jars of all sorts of marmalades.

January Salads

  • blood orange, shaved fennel, red onion, olive
  • roasted winter vegetable and caper vinaigrette
  • herbed Greek yogurt and preserved meyer lemon dip
  • rye berry, balsamic fig, walnut, kale


Have you had a chance to try the new seeded sourdough? It has been wildly popular and we have had a hard time keeping it on the shelf but we are working to increase production. In the cafe, we are now offering avocado toast on the seeded sourdough and the turkey sandwich is on it as well.


Tuesday – Seeded Sourdough

Friday – Challah

Saturday – Brioche

Sunday – Seeded Sourdough

*Baguette and our house sourdough are available daily


We are doing away with the “Pastry of the Month” BUT we will still have special pastries that we highlight throughout the month. This way we will be able to change things up on the fly instead of being locked into making the same thing every day. Check the website for daily pastry specials.


In the early part of the year we will have a Portuguese cream tart and we are hoping to create a special coffee drink to pair with it. We are looking to bring back the pistachio croissant a few days each week, working on an olive oil chocolate mousse, coffee religieuse, and you can be sure to find the galette des rois throughout January. Feel free to send an email to pastry@floriole.com if you have any requests!

Mathieu’s Coin

Readers! Bonne Année à tous et à toutes! I have so much to share with you but I got to do the dishes now and it’s getting late. So, I leave you with a quizz, the first 3 to send the correct response to coin@floriole.com win a $25 Gift Card:

  • I am a member of the Organization Without a Cool Acronym
  • One of my name means “flat foot”, the other means “with a bird beak”
  • I am, without absolutely no logical reason, the center piece of the first 2015 coin

What is my name in French ?