September 8, 2015

September 2015 Newsletter

Vacation is over – Now back to work.

We took a little newsletter vacation but we are back and ready to roll. Hopefully everyone enjoyed the summer and is ready to get back to the grind. The kids are back in school, the days are getting shorter and before we know it there will be a chill in the air to remind us all that the seasons are changing.


What did we do over the summer?

In July, Emily and I jetted off to Toronto to compete on a cooking show. I hate to be coy but I signed a nondisclosure agreement and can’t tell you much about it until after the show airs. We will be sure to showcase what we baked in the store so you can judge how you think we did in the competition. We will let you know when to tune in to see just how well Emily and I did at “reality” tv.

At the beginning of August, Mathieu and I spoke about the subject “collaborate” at the monthly Creative Mornings gathering. I can’t bring myself to watch the video but feel free to check it out here . . . just don’t tell me if I made a lot of funny faces or said something else silly on camera. We had a great time and it was good challenge for us, two introverts with a fear of public speaking.


September Salads


September is a funny month because we never really know what produce we will have. If it stays warm we will have lots of tomatoes and other produce and those crops will seem seasonally correct. If it cool off we will be in for winter squash, brassicas and apples. We are banking on it staying warm and will continue to celebrate the tomato and other nightshades until they disappear.

September Salads

  • Spiced eggplant dip with house bread
  • Quinoa, melon, feta and mint
  • Potato, corn and roasted peppers
  • Heirloom tomato plates
  • Cucumber and tomato panzanella

Other changes from the savory station

We will be switching back to hot porridge sometime this month starting with organic steel cut oats cooked with seedling apple cider, topped with slow cooked apples, toasted walnuts and maple syrup.

The turkey sandwich is getting a seasonal update with house made peperonata and goat cheese on our house focaccia.

Have you tried our croissants lately?


I don’t think our croissants have ever been so good. We have upgraded the chocolate we are putting in our pain au chocolat to Valrhona Tainori – a lovely fruity dark chocolate. The ham and cheese croissants have changed shape and are now topped with a mix of seeds and spices. Who know that such a simple change could make such a difference? Also new in house, we are making a specialty croissant – the first was vanilla butter laminated and stuffed with bubblegum plum compote. We have a lot of ideas up our sleeves so follow us on instagram to see what is new and exciting.


Shout out to the bread department

Our bread department has been busy kneading and shaping loaves for our wholesale clients on top of all the bread they make for Floriole sandwiches and retail sales. We are proud to be working with several restaurants, coffee shops and retail markets throughout the city. Even when you can’t make it to the bakery in Lincoln Park, you can have a slice of our bread!

Alex and Wes receiving a whole lot of wheat from Breslin Farm.

Wes, pictured above with Floriole bread baker Alexander, has been milling wheat and rye flour for us since this spring. We are thrilled to be working with him and the people at Pleasant House Bread to have freshly milled flour from Breslin Farm.

And Finally, the moment you have all been waiting for . . . Mathieu’s Coin

Dear readers,

Le coin was on summer camp with its big sister: the newsletter.
They’re both back to school. Ready for a new year of excitements.
Le coin had a great summer, it enjoyed the mild weather, frequent outdoor activities, gardening, swimming, made new friends (le cote, le centre, ..)
But le coin got to do what le coin got to do and give its people what they want.
Le coin wants to point out a change that happened to the Ham & Cheese croissant as it is noticeable. Le coin can’t believe it: after 5 years, they are changing the shape of one of their mainstay?! Are they nuts or not ? Well, le coin be darned, the new version is amazing.
Here’s the game of the month:send le coin a haiku about the new croissant, the one selected by le coin will be published in next month newsletter and the winner will receive a $20 gift card.
A bientot!
Le coin