February 24, 2021

What’s New This Week?


Congrats, y’all. We made it through another Chicago winter, this one weirder than ever. We thought we’d inject some nostalgia and comfort into our newest pastry this week to celebrate.

Our new Special S’mores Stuffed Croissant will transport you back to simpler and sunnier times. We’ve injected our classic butter croissant with a rich and indulgent dark chocolate fudge sauce, then topped it with a generous helping of our Swiss meringue (a.k.a fancy Marshmallow Fluff). We torch the meringue until it’s perfectly golden and toasty. Because when it’s 40 degrees in Chicago, it basically feels like summer anyway.
We will also have a limited run of 6″ cakes in a very special flavor combination: Quince and Vanilla! We layer fragrant quince compote between layers of classic white cake and vanilla bean Swiss meringue buttercream for a decadent but delicately flavored cake. Our 6″ cakes are perfect gifted for a birthday or served at home with families and roommates – each cake serves 6-8 generously. Check out our hand-dipped beeswax candles and locally-made greeting cards, too!
As usual, your favorite breads, pastries, take-and-bakes, reheat-and-serve meals, and pantry staples are restocked for the week!

Women’s Day Tasting Dinner 3/8/21

There’s still time to book your reservation for your four- or eight-course dinner (including a special dessert course from us at Floriole!) to take part in this dialogue in celebration of International Women’s Day.

We are proud to be working in collaboration with 17 of Chicago’s leading women restaurateurs to bring a multi-restaurant tasting dinner for takeout across Chicago. This unique experience is paired with a Zoom conversation to elevate women’s voices in our industry in the midst of this precarious time.