January 13, 2022

Floriole Goodness Right at Home

Take me, bake me.
Looking for an excuse to turn on your oven and cure those January Blues? Check out our super simple take-and-bake croissants. Available in classic butter, chocolate, and ham and cheese, these croissants are the ideal hands-off baking project with optimal reward: a warm, buttery Floriole croissant whenever your heart desires it. Keep them in your freezer and channel the Floriole kitchen whenever you need a little pick-me-up.

Vegan take & bakes available too!
Vegans deserve flakey goodness as much as the next person. We’ve worked our pastry magic to bring you these super special vegan take-and-bake croissants. As if croissants weren’t magical enough as it is, these ones are plant-based to boot.
What’s baking this week?
Overnight Oats have arrived!
Are you a fan of our house-made chia pudding? Think of this as the chia pudding’s January sibling. We toast organic rolled oats, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, and sesame seeds for optimal flavor and digestibility. This oat mixture gets soaked in oat milk with a touch of maple syrup and cinnamon, then layered with our house-made plum and raspberry compote. Wholesome, toasty, and fruity, our overnight oats make the perfect breakfast, snack, or lunch accompaniment. Available all week long!
Potato Onion Fontina Galette
The results are in: everyone’s favorite savory, hearty, flakey lunch is our potato onion fontina galette. Available whole or by the slice, this galette is made with ultra buttery pastry, loads of fontina cheese, herbs, sweet onions, and plenty of potatoes to soak up all the flavor. As dreamy for lunch or dinner as it is for breakfast, this heavy hitter has been a staff and customer favorite, so it’s back again this week! Grab yours before they’re gone.
Take-and-reheat soup by the quart!
We’ve re-stocked our freezer full of everyone’s favorite soup flavors, available in super convenient take-and-reheat quart sizes to go (or hot by the cup for a quick lunch!) Choose from our spicy tomato soup, spiced lentil soup (vegan!), or our pumpkin Thai curry soup (also vegan!) or grab all three to keep in your freezer for an effortless and delicious dinner.
Pantry Spotlight:

Bushel & Peck’s
Shop our favorite pantry staples, and grab yours the next time you pop in for a croissant and cup of coffee!

Bushel & Peck’s is a small, Woman-owned artisan food company specializing in small batch food preservation using Midwestern ingredients, many of which come from their own organic farm.
 Our current favorites are their chive blossom vinegar and their pickled beets. While pickled beets may not sound like the most exciting condiment around, these zippy and earthy treats are good enough to eat with a spoon. Suprise yourself and grab a jar today. We especially like ours paired alongside richer meals to lighten things up. Their chive blossom vinegar is not only beautiful, but it also adds a delightful allium-flavored jolt of brightness to any vinaigrette, soup, or pot of beans.